Welcome to Kadinsky

Kadinsky is well known for the wide variety of quality products, great atmosphere and friendly staff. Visited by an eclectic mix of locals, seasoned visitors and tourists from all over the world makes Kadinsky the perfect place to hang out, meet like-minded people and most importantly relax.

Great ambience

All three of our coffeeshops are located in historical buildings in the heart of Amsterdam that have recently been renovated and refurbished to provide customers with a light and open environment to comfortably enjoy a great cup of coffee and a smoke in. The menu offers a wide range of quality products at great prices for everyone to enjoy. So whether you are a first time smoker or a connoisseur, Kadinsky will always be able to satisfy your needs.
Kadinsky Zoutsteeg has its own café located directly opposite the coffeeshop, enabling you to purchase and enjoy your smoke with a refreshing beer in a comfortable, smoker friendly environment. We pride ourselves on being one of the few places left in Amsterdam that are able to offer this unique concept to our customers.

Unique concept

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